VR Real Estate Platform

Transform your living experience. You can visualize your future life before you decide to move, purchase and redesign your home, apartment or office. A real life experience will come to you with our platform.

Virtual City

Ever wanted to visit a city but you don’t have the time or resources to explore? Now is your opportunity to do all this using our state-of-the-art VR platform. We bring the city and sights to you. A combination of our virtual city and other contents, we believe we can create a greater synergy to provide you with a better experience.


VR-AR Interior Platform

You will experience a fully interactive virtual interior simulation system integrating the most realistic graphics aiding you to make the perfect purchase. You can meet each other, communicate with each other and trade something in this platform. This will give you the easiest way to find your clients, designers and furniture sellers. Also, this will raise utilization ratio for designers, maximize design satisfaction of customers and achieve price rationalization.

VR Show Houses

We help our clients visualize, experience and promote buildings before constrution starts. We make contents which is not only stunning but also functional. As such, we create the easiest way for people to interact with 3D objects and each other. You will find exactly the same view and lighting that you would have before you live in the real house.