VR Solutions


Human beings face many problems which cannot be solved with conventional methods. However, we see a lot of opportunities to solve those problems with VR technology in many areas. As such, we set out to create VR applications in industries including education, entertainment and health care etc. This will be a big step up in the way to enhance our lives.


You can become an CSI agent to investigate into crime scenes. With a fully immersive VR based educational system for crime scene investigations, you can effectively study as many cases as you like without any limitations in the real world. With a variety of high-tech CSI tools such as UV lantern and luminol, you can experience a real crime scene investigation. Our contents are based on academic grounds and real criminal examples as we developed this contents supported by CSI Educational professors of Korea Police Academy.

Our cases include murder cases, theft cases, decomposition of the body cases, gun cases and disaster events. After finishing your case study, you can also see what really happened in that specific crime scene by using replay option.